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Coalition of National Youth organizers, which is a youth group made up of all the National Youth organizers have praise members of the board for the National Youth Authority for appointing Mr Nelson Owusu Ansah as the care taker Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority pending the appointment of a substantive CEO by the His Excellency, the President.

The group made up the National Youth organizer for the CPP, the National Youth organizer for the PNC, the National Youth organizer for the PPP and the national Youth organizer for the APC in unison agree that the professionalism Mr Nelson exhibited when they worked with him closely before and during the elections was highly impressive.

Good human relationship and warm inclusiveness of every Youth group and its leaders is something they say they were and are still happy about.

Members of the Coalition of National Youth organizers believes that with such a hard working Deputy CEO who also believes in broader consultation when it comes to drafting and implementing Youth policies.

Speaking to our reporter comrade Mark Awusi the National Youth organizer of the PNC recounted the role Mr Nelson played as acting Chief Executive officer when the National Youth Authority organized all the National Youth organizers of the various political parties and some of their supporters to pledge to peace before and after the 2020 elections.

The constant engagements Mr. Owusu Ansah had with the National Youth organizers to calm tempers down, The one on one meetings which involved parties whenever there was a misunderstanding and the calmness he takes to explain government policies is something that he and his colleagues are happy with.

Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah the National Youth organizer for the CPP recounted his encounter with Mr Nelson back in the Ashanti region when he Mr Nelson was a deputy regional Youth organizer and subsequently the elected Ashanti regional Youth organizer and stressed that Mr Nelson is very hard working, strategic and accommodating too.

The group is urging the appealing to the president to maintain and confirm Mr Nelson Owusu Ansah as the substantive Chief executive officer of the apex youth body.

The National Youth Organizers for the PPP and the APC also believes that after acting as the Chief Executive Officer for the National Youth Authority for months Mr Nelson has proven his capability to not only uplift the image of the Authority but to involve ideas from other youth leaders in order to build a robust and all inclusive National Youth Authority.

Source : Peacefmonline.com

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