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Arise Ghana Youth! For your country demands your devotion towards independence - CPP OSEI KOFI

It is 6th March again and nostalgic feelings and good stories told of a brave man who was a patriot and selfless keeps coming to us.

On a morning like this 64 years ago one of the aims of forming the Convention Peoples Party came to pass. The struggle to attain self government became a reality and this gave birth to a new nation.

A Nation that shredded the old Gold Coast and Wore a fine Red, Yellow and Green coloured Kente with a promising black star designs called Ghana.

A Nation which set an example that indeed the black man is capable of managing his own affairs.

A Nation whose leaders were truthful, faithful, incorruptible and fearless.

However this nation had two destinies to fulfill, the Political independence destiny and the Economic independence destiny.

Whiles pursuing the Economic independence after attaining a full Republican status, a group of irresponsible armed robbers in the Ghana army supported by the imperialist robbed us of our dreams and hopes derailing us from our path to our Economic independence.

This set back has led us into a lot of hardship beyond description.

From closing down our heavily invested in State Enterprises and factories, to killing ourselves, exiling brothers and sisters to present day borrowing and begging to survive.

We are where the Osagyefo warned us not to heed to by listening to the lies of the imperialist and now we are where the imperialist wanted us to be.

A venerable position which will allow them to recolonize us *Neo Colonialism!* through the backdoor. They give us loans with huge interest rates and still dictate how the loans should be used and what they should be used for.

This unfortunate Neo Colonialist tactics is also trying to corrupt our culture, our identity and our religious beliefs by forcing LGBTQI down our throat too.

This is why on a significant and all important day like this I charge every Ghanaian youth to rise up, and join hand with the CPP to fulfill our destiny by completing our struggle for our Economic independence.

With Economic independence, there will be no need to migrate illegally through the desert and the horrifying sea just to wash dishes in Europe etc.

With our Economic independence we will restore the glorious days as a country with factories who export made in Ghana products instead of remaining an import driving economy.

Attaining our Economic independence will mean No financial management and financial dictatorship from IMF and its cohorts.

We were once upon a time a shinning example for other countries and we will restore that status. Long live the our independence, long live mother Ghana and long live the dreams of our forefathers.


Osei Kofi Acquah

National Youth Oranizer

The Convention Peoples Party

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