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Ignore NDC; they’ve not flipped our parliamentary seats – John Boadu

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has rejected claims that its parliamentary seats have been won by candidates of the National Democratic Congress.

At an earlier press conference addressed by Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah, the NDC’s Director of Elections insisted that his party has flipped 36 parliamentary seats occupied by the New Patriotic Party.

But the NPP has also held a media briefing to counter the claims made by the NDC.

The General Secretary of the NDC who addressed the press insisted that those seats the NDC claimed have been flipped are intact.

“It is obvious from the results declared that the NPP will still maintain the majority in Parliament. It is surprising that the NDC is insisting of a flip in seats.

They did not mention the many seats they have flopped. We flipped four seats belonging to the NDC. The NDC has lost Damango, Daboya and Salaga North in the Savannah Region. The NPP is now the majority party in John Mahama’s own region.”

“The NDC also flopped in Lambussie. In the North East Region, the NDC also flopped. The NDC has flopped again in Yunyoo. The NDC also flopped in Chereponi. In the Northern Region, the NDC has flopped so that, NPP now has majority seat in the Northern Region.

NDC has flopped, and we have won Karaga, Tatale, Zabzugu and Mion constituencies. We now control 3 out of the five regions in the northern part of the country,” John Boadu insisted.

Source : citinewsroom.com

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