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Most of the new players invited by Ghana Akonnor are not ready for national team- Sam Johnson

Former Black Stars defender Sam Johnson has said that some of the new players invited to feature in Ghana's two international friendly games have shown that they are not ready to play for the team even though they possess the quality.

Ghana lost to Mali by 3-0 in CK Akonnor’s first game in charge of the Black Stars as head coach.

Akonnor’s starting line up in that game was dominated by the new players he invited which resulted to Ghana’s humiliating defeat to Mali in the friendly game played at the Emir Sports Stadium, Antalya Turkey.

The performance of the team was criticized by the fans leading to CK Akonnor changing his starting line up in the game against Qatar on Monday where he made five changes.

According to Sam Johnson, the players invited by CK Akonnor for the doubleheader played this month have the potential but most of them are not ready to contain the pressure that comes with playing for the national team.

“The players have the potential but most of them are not ready to play for the national team. With time, they can get there, but currently, they are not ready.

“I don’t think this current crop of players will be able to endure and contain the pressure from we the fans”,he told Happy FM.

He also mentioned that there was no teamwork in the two games played by the team.

“We should play as a team, the individual play is too much, I don’t see any uniformity in the play. The players haven’t played together so that understanding is not there yet”.

SOURCE : Ghanasoccer.net

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