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N/R: Zabzugu NDC demands re-collation of parliamentary results

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Zabzugu constituency in the Northern Region embarked on a demonstration on Monday, November 14, 2020 demanding a re-collation of the constituency parliamentary results.

They allege that the parliamentary results were collated in their absence, followed by a declaration of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) candidate as the winner.

The director of elections of the NDC in Zabzugu, Abdulai Shahadu said they will not accept the NPP candidate as the legitimate winner until their concerns are addressed.

“In our case, when we started collating the constituency results, we had 80 polling stations but we collated up to 41 polling stations. We don’t know for whatever reasons, the military under the auspices of the deputy regional minister who happened to be a candidate for the NPP party. So they took the materials away without informing us. Few hours later, we saw on social media that Zabzugu results have been declared. So we went to Tamale to meet with the Regional EC director demanding the results used to declare.

He had nothing to show so we are still protesting that the pink sheet they are going to use is brought back to the Zabzugu polling station so that we sit together as political parties and the neutral EC so that counting and collation are done,” he said.

He also indicated that the party had earlier rejected attempts by the EC at the regional level to take away the Biometric Verification Devices.

“We got a wind that they were coming for my BVDs that were used for the 2020 election. So we came out and to our dismay that it was already packed in the EC vehicle. We asked why and they said that it was a directive We resisted. There were armed police and military men but we never minded because we knew we were doing the right thing until they decided to remove the materials and put them back in their storeroom. So as we speak, we are convived that the BVDs that were used for the general elections are in our constituency’, he added.

Meanwhile, the constituency secretary of the NDC in Zabzugu, Shei Alhassan is demanding justice for the party.

“After the elections, we realized that our results had not been collated. But we saw in the media that they had declared someone as the winner which was wrong. So we are demanding justice that they bring the pink sheet are brought back to Zabzugu so that the results are collated again. We need justice in Zabuazug. They took the materials to Tamale without anybody’s knowledge. How is this possible. Is this democratic? We want peace and no other problem”, he said.

SOURCE : Citinewsroom.com

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