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Deputy Director of Communications of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Kamal-Deen Abdulai has lauded the office the Special Prosecutor for due deligence work done in investigating into the Agyapa deal.

Speaking on Citi Tv Breakfast Morning, he emphasized the office of the special Prosecutor has shown to the entire country how accountability, checks and balances in institutions is of importance to Strengthen the democracy we have, however as Martin Amidu is been commended for the good work done, he would also encourage him to state clear the facts as to if there are any wrong doing in his investigations for the public to judge from their perspective.

He continued he doesn't think there is something untoward in the report of the however, he believes the observation that he has made is clear as the President has respected same and has referred the matter to Parliament which will give Parliament the opportunity to sit on the issue again for transparency and accountability to prevail.

"I'm  happy our institutions are working, I am happy that today Ghanaians are beginning to see the foot of the Special Prosecutor office, I am happy that John Dramani Mahama says when gets voted into power he will not temper with the office of the SP because he has the importance of the office" he expressed.

Meanwhile, Mr Elikem Kotoko a Member of the NDC Communications Team said the minority had raised concerns on the Agyapa deal countless times thus, he thinks this not the time to praise Martin Amidu since he has been paid to work for it and much is expected of him in return.

He continued the referral of the report by the President back to Parliament is a clear act of state capture and a means of the majority to have it way because the deal has been shrouded in so much secrecy which is a threat to transparency and accountability.

He disclosed what is emanating from the finance ministry and the finance minister with regards to his response on the report of the SP is dangerous as it is threat to the development of the country.

"The report had nothing positive to say about the NPP government and persons involved in the deal hence, the need to hold Martin Amidu in high esteem with what he has come up with which indites the entire NPP government" he said.

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