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Today 24th February 2021, marks the 55th milestone of an unwarranted Coup d’etat that overthrew the constitutionally elected government of the Convention People’s Party (CPP).

This act also opened the floodgates for subsequent coups in the country.

This tragic event which occurred on the dawn of the 24th of February 1966, was perpetuated by unpatriotic Ghanaians serving in the Ghana Police Force, the Ghana Army and some government Civil Servants. These unpatriotic elements also had support from collaborators in the United Party (UP, “Matemeho” tradition) as well as some foreign intelligence units.

On the tragic day of the Coup there was much unneeded, and cruel blood shed causing the death of patriotic Ghanaians. These dastardly acts were perpetuated by the architects of the Coup in the persons of General A. A. Afrifa, J.W.K. Harley, Lance Corporal Deku, General Kotoka and their cohorts. They raided the Flagstaff House, molested and killed government workers as well as occupants of the house who were domestic staff. These cowards could only exact their enterprise because Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was out of the Country.

Patriots like Colonel Bawa were murdered in cold blood whilst Heroes like Col Zanlerigu, and some members of the Trade Union Congresses’ (TUC) attempts to foil the coup proved futile because all communication lines meant to coordinate the effort were disabled by traitors.

The National Liberation Council (NLC) was formed to take over the governance of this nation and the introduction of neo liberal policies towards a free market economy brought about the killing of local industrialisation and the promotion of an import led economy which saw the influx of foreign inferior goods into the country and the derailment of our journey to economic independence. They hugely relied on the IMF and the World Bank whose economic policies have since been the bane of our country.

The NLC and its accomplices of the UP party abandoned the Agricultural Revolution which was effectively implemented by the CPP government to create jobs for our farmers and replaced it with the importation of processed and raw agricultural products (Tomatoe puree, canned mushrooms, imported poultry and beef products etc.)

Today what do we see, Ghana which was a net exporter of Electricity with the building of the Akosombo Hydro Electric Dam and the setting up of the Volta River Authority is reeling under the burden of inadequate electricity supply.

It is obvious that the 24th February 1966 Coup has been the foundation of the socio- economic woes of this country. It is also unfortunate that our main Airport of International repute is named after a coup maker (Kotoka), and on this matter the CPP is asking government to consider renaming the Airportafter Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah to show the world that Ghana does not glorify coup makers who always derail the agenda of development for this nation.

To all Comrades and all Ghanaians, it is time to correct the wrongs of the past by rallying behind the Convention People’s Party to resist the ‘Rule of the Oppressor’ and together forge ahead to help industrialise this nation for employment and economic development, prevent corruption and nepotism, prudently manage our financial and natural resources, create a free education system at all levels, a good health care system and hope for the youth.

As the Red Cockerel crows a dawn will break for Ghana and we will be ushered into a new age of economic growth and prosperity.

Source : Silveronline.com

Nana Yaa Akyempim Jantuah General Secretary

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