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The Chief Executive of the Volta River Authority Mr Emmanuel Antwi- Darko has disclosed the readiness of the Authority in embracing the digitization agenda that is been rolled out and implemented by the government through the Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

The chief Executive, speaking at the 60th Anniversary launch of the Volta River Authority explained that embracing digitization will compel them to be competitive in their operations because technology will enable them monitor and maintain our generation assets.

He added that, as a long serving power distributive authority over the years, they would collaborate strongly with GRIDCO to serve as a backbone of the digitization effort in efficient power delivery hence, the inclusion of employees capacity building to enable them deliver on their mandates.

Mr Emmanuel Antwi- Darko also reavealed that, the authority has embarked on several renewable projects to meet the national demand in an environmental friendly manner hence, the commission of the kpone generative station in Akuse to help deliver clean energy.

He then said the authority has been challenged with difficulties in the sector over the years but have continued to remain resilient and maintained their standards and is glad to announce that since 2017, the authority has not been to the ministry of finance for subsidy, stressing that, their overall aim is to develop VRA into a public institution which would operate with a private sector mindset.

The Deputy Minister of Energy Hon. Joseph Cudjoe at the launch speaking on behalf of the Minister of Energy said over thousands of jobs in the formal and informal sectors have been created through VRA ability to supply reliable power to consumers.

He continued it is obvious the government 1D1F agenda cannot thrive without the provision of reliable power supply and as such, the authority deserves to be commended for its accomplishments which is a prove of a brighter future ahead.

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